Our Ingredients. All natural and ethically sourced.

TAMA® Premium Quality Unrefined Shea Butter which comes from community traded shea nuts that are fully traceable to their harvesting sources. Unlike other shea bath and beauty products, we believe in simple ingredients, simple formulas, and simply include as much shea oil and unrefined shea butter as possible to maximize the natural bioactive benefits from this little nut.

Premium Unrefined Shea Butter

Premium unrefined shea butter contains large percentage of phytonutrients. These compounds contain antioxidants, which slow the aging process of your skin and ward off early wrinkles. Refined shea butter also contains phytonutrients, but the level is significantly reduced because of the chemicals used during the refining process.

Our shea butter is blended with the finest combination of essential oil that brings additional therapeutic benefits to the user. These essential oils refresh, rejuvenate, calm, and sooth the body.