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TAMA® All Natural Moisturizing Black Soap is a traditional West African soap. Our soap’s black colour comes from the natural potash that we use as natural lye. We make our potash by burning organic materials such as cocoa pod ash and shea cake. The benefit of this natural lye is that we use 100% natural ingredients to transform our oils into soap.
The major ingredient of TAMA® products is unrefined shea butter which is certified organic by EcoCert. EcoCert has been certifying natural and organic costmetics since 2003 to ensure that ingredients are derived from renewable resources and manufactured by environmentally friendly processes. EcoCert performs an on-site audit by an EcoCert auditor before awarding organic certification.
Conventional shea butter has no guarantee that quality has not been compromised by contact with chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides during harvesting, processing, and storage. These chemicals are harmful for human skin.

Conversely, natural shea butter is fully traceable to the harvested field, and handled by trained collectors and processors. This system is fully documented and audited by a third-party (EcoCert) to ensure there is no contamination. Additionally, our natural shea butter meets the highest international standards of quality, environmentally-friendly practices, and ethical sourcing where our women collectors and processors are guaranteed premium prices.

Premium unrefined shea butter contains a large percentage of phytonutrients. These compounds contain antioxidants, which slow the aging process of your skin and ward off early wrinkles.

Refined shea butter also contains phytonutrients, but the level is significantly reduced because of the high temperature and chemicals used during the refining process.

TAMA® products are all natural and approved by the Ghana Food & Drugs Board to meet international standard for cosmetics. TAMA® products are currently distributed in Ghana, Burkina Faso, USA, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam.
SeKaf Ghana is currently not a certified fair trade company and currently does not market fair trade products. Still, SeKaf does implement fair trade principles to uphold environmental, labour, and development standards and expects a 2014 third-party audit of our fair trade systems. SeKaf Ghana was created to reduce poverty in West Africa through a market-oriented approach. Social entrepreneurship is in our core DNA, and at the core of why SeKaf exists.

TAMA® products use organic certified ingredients and we market our products as 100% natural. This enables us to access a broader market base than a niche Fair Trade market, thus ensuring our women collectors and processors earn income throughout the year to leverage their full productive capacity. SeKaf also pays 10-15% premium for quality to our women collectors and processors, pays for National Health Insurance, and operates well-maintained processing centres.

Currently, TAMA® products are distributed in Ghana, Burkina Faso, USA, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam. If you would like to become a distributor in another country, please contact us using our web form.
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